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Elizabeth Hurley wants to be a farmer November 4, 2008

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hurleyhelloWow!  How could Steven Bing ever deny he is Damian’s father?  He looks EXACTLY like him?!  No DNA proof needed in this case!

Liz Hurley is featured in the latest issue of Hello Magazine.  She tells the mag how much she loves India and plans to become a working farmer. She talks about life with her hubby Arun and wanting to have his baby!

“I love being Mrs Nayar,” she adds, in the intimate interview, which is accompanied by stunning photographs of the British beauty wearing her new range in Rajasthan. “Our lives are astonishingly chaotic but I live in the hope of things calming down.”


2 Responses to “Elizabeth Hurley wants to be a farmer”

  1. Jackie Says:

    “Our lives are astonishingly chaotic?” Wtf? What does she do? – All I’ve ever seen her do is attend parties. And she’s been talking about this farm and having a baby w/ arun for years, why does this woman even get coverage? She is a beauty – and that’s probably why. But she truly must be the most boring person alive – she says the exact same thing every year when she’s promoting her bikinis! Though last year there was a twist – she was claiming that if Hugh Grant had stayed with her, they could have had 5 children together. I’m sure Arun loved that thought too 😉

  2. You’re totally right Jackie. All I ever see her do is party also! It’s a tough life to jet set all over the world and be beautiful.

    Yeah, I”m totally jealous!

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