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Paris with Leonardo DiCaprio November 3, 2008

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leoparis6 leoparis1

Leonardo DiCaprio was in Paris today to promote his lastest movie, “Body of Lies.”  I would love to blab more about him but after looking at these pix I was left speechless!


4 Responses to “Paris with Leonardo DiCaprio”

  1. doulangel Says:

    wow, yum. he’s not still dating gizelle is he??

  2. Yeah doesn’t he look hot?! Girl don’t you read my blog? lol He has been dating Israeli model Bar Refaeli for awhile now. On and Off at least.

    As of late it seems like they are back on.

  3. doulangel Says:

    ya i read you! but i’ve slept since then! so he goes from one model to another huh??

  4. mihaigaibar Says:

    la multiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii aniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii leo

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