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Kate Winslet for Vanity Fair November 3, 2008

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I do not care how much photoshop they used during the making of the latest Vanity Fair magazine, I love it!  It features Kate Winslet as their covergirl.  Check out this gorgeous cover!



6 Responses to “Kate Winslet for Vanity Fair”

  1. BigJ Says:

    Er?? Did you fall asleep before finishing this?? lol… Winslet is what???? :-p

  2. Snow Says:

    reminds me of sharon stone in basic instinct! ;P

  3. I was about to say she looks nothing like Sharon Stone until I re-looked at the picture. She really does look like her in this picture!

  4. Yes I did fall asleep smarty pants!

  5. Jonathan Says:

    DAMN, that’s the hottest I’ve ever seen her.

  6. Holy hell she looks amazing.

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