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Gweny shows off baby Zuma November 3, 2008

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Gwen Stefani is finally showing off baby Zuma to the world.  The baby is so adorable!  I still really dislike the name Zuma.  Am I alone on this one?  Not only is the first one bad, the whole name is kind of bad- Zuma Nesta Rock?

I bet when he gets old enough he will probably change his name!


2 Responses to “Gweny shows off baby Zuma”

  1. k Says:

    How bad must Zima, I mean Zuma feel? His older brother gets not only a ‘cool’ name, but a normal middle name – Kingston James. Zuma gets a horrible name that makes everyone think he’s a girl, and his middle names are Nesta and Rock. Gwen and Gavin sell the pics of Kingston to OK! and he gets a cover shot as a baby. Zuma? the paps are tipped off when he’s uncovered in the library and then his parents post his picture on Gwen’s website.

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