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Does Keanu hate tha papz? October 31, 2008

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After getting sued by a paparazzo you would think that would be enough to piss off someone right?  Well I’m not sure if these new pictures of Keanu Reeves shows him playing around with the papz or he is showing he is really mad!

I know I’d be pissed!  You decide…..


2 Responses to “Does Keanu hate tha papz?”

  1. NEO Says:

    Video from this night shows that he was looking to see if it was an X17 photographer. He asked them if they got their shot and then thanked them for letting him have his dinner. X17 was on the list to testify for Keanu against the paprazzo that is suing him. The case went to jury this afternoon. So in this case he doesn’t hate the papz…I think he was “thanking” them by giving them a free shot. JMO

  2. Hey Neo! Thanks for the g reat info! I think he looks great in these shotz!

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