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For my die hard New Kids Fans! October 30, 2008

Guys!! My New Kids show is coming up this Saturday!! I’m so excited!  I found these video clips that are meant to be featured in a special for Target stores.  Check them out NOW!

I’m gonna back these up in case they take them down!


6 Responses to “For my die hard New Kids Fans!”

  1. Do you not think they should just give it up now? They are soooo old. That Summertime video was verging on perverted.

  2. what? no way! I met them in NY and they are definitely NOT too old!

  3. doulangel Says:

    that said from a functioning alcoholic…..

    age is irrelavent. no one questions the age of any other artist out there. the nkotb have always had to defend every move they made, looks like that hasn’t changed.

    personally, i think they look and sound better than ever.

  4. Brigitta Says:

    Yep. I saw them in concert in Dallas and they were VERY good. It was a great show.
    I hardly think that guys in their thirties are old men.
    I’m in my thirties, and I’m still good to go…:)

  5. Jon is turning 40 and I think he is the best looking one!

  6. nicky Says:

    live in london can’t wait 4 europe turnee!!!
    jon is never 2 old-and will not belive that hes gay luv him soooooooooooooooooooooo much and the ne-yo song, SINGLE, great!!!! will see that everyone will kill dancefloor with it!!!! xxx

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