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Patrick Swayze goes back to Beast October 29, 2008

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(c) Getty Images

(c) Getty Images

Patrick Swayze, the man the miracle! Man oh man, how happy am I that Patrick Swayze beat the odds against pancreatic cancer! No he is not 100% cured or anything but he has made it so far!

10 months ago the “Dirty Dancing” star was diagnosed but it won’t keep him away from his love of acting. Swayze spoke to the New York Times about his new A&E series, “The Beast.”

“I do find myself, at the end of the day, riding home sort of catching myself with a smile on my face… I’m proud of what I’m doing,” he said.

Patrick has been fighting the disease with a combination of chemotherapy, an experimental drug called Vatalanib and “muscle-building shakes.”

“I’m still fine to work, I haven’t changed — oh, I have changed, what am I saying? It’s a battle zone I go through. Chemo, no matter how you cut it, is hell on wheels.”

What keeps him going?

“How do you nurture a positive attitude when all the statistics say you’re a dead man?” Swayze said. “You go to work!”


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