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Jonathan Ross & Russell Brand suspended by BBC! October 29, 2008

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Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand are to be suspended and all their shows taken off air until the BBC has investigated their prank calls made on Radio 2.

Brand and Ross made a series of prank calls to Sachs, 78, famous for his part in Fawlty Towers. The calls were broadcast on Radio 2 as part of a Russell Brand’s pre-recorded Saturday night show.

During the calls, Ross revealed Brand had slept with Sachs’ granddaughter. More than 18,000 people complained to the BBC.

OMG these are two of my favorite British tv personalities! Please don’t take them away!

Sachs told the BBC that since the incident Jonathan Ross has “personally delivered a letter of apology and some flowers.”

Have a listen to the phone call!



15 Responses to “Jonathan Ross & Russell Brand suspended by BBC!”

  1. R J Dent Says:

    1. I just read about an old man who agreed in advance to be interviewed by phone on a radio show, then when the host phoned, he refused to answer, or wasn’t in. How disgustingly rude. I hope he was left a curt message in response to his deliberate rudeness. The old man’s name is Andrew Sachs.

    2. I just read about an old man who agreed to having his phone messages broadcast on a radio show. The old man gave his permission for the phone messages to be used, then forgot to mention this salient point during the furore that followed the broadcast. The man’s name is Andrew Sachs.

    3. I used to watch a comedy programme in which a man impersonated a Spaniard. He portrayed the Spaniard as dim-witted, linguistically challenged, greasy-haired, and emotionally unstable. Spanish friends have stated they find the portrayal by this man offensive. The man’s name is Andrew Sachs.

    Shouldn’t he be suspended from his job until his misdemeanours have been investigated?

    Also, why are there so few complaints about this man’s disgusting behaviour?

  2. Wow, R J Dent, Thanks for this insight. The story you are telling I am sure happens all the time. The audience does not learn about the whole story.

    If what you say is true, then neither Brand nor Ross should be held responsible. If Sachs gave his permission then his grand daughter needs to get over it!

  3. I seriously wonder about Brand and drugs.

  4. uktop50idiots Says:

    The two situations are not remotely similar

  5. Ok so I just heard an interview which says that Sachs did not give permission for the conversations to be aired. This sux! These are two of my favorite guys!

  6. Galactic Gordon Says:

    I believe that John Cleese has taken out a contract on Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand!

  7. youcouldbelievethis Says:

    Jonathon Ross has been supended for three months without pay because of this. The BBC says he should consider the suspention his final warning.

    I’m so upset because I just discovered Ross’ talkshow because of your blog.

  8. I’m so glad you’ve been able to discover such a great show thru my blog. I’m so upset about this also. I think what they did was wrong and they have paid a price. But I think they are making this a much bigger deal than what its really worth.

    The granddaughter is so embarrassed about the comments made about her by ex-love Russell Brand. So embarrassed it seems that she took her story to the British paper, The Sun. She proclaims that Brand was a terrible lover etc. Isn’t she making it worse?

    I doubt her grandfather is shocked at all really. She is a burlesque dance that works with a group named Satans Sluts! Something tells me he has been ashamed of her for along time!

  9. youcouldbelievethis Says:

    I totally agree. Her interview with was sooo suspect.

  10. John Didli Says:

    Jonathan Ross, such a coward…at least Brand had the guts to resign, Ross is probably worried about the money he would miss if he got sacked…it is besides the point that show was broadcast or not, the fact that they called an elderly person up and said those thing…, in any usual time, you or I who are not earning 16k a day at the tax payers expense, would see immediate dismissal, but Ross hides behind the soft BBC, a BBC who can’t even seem to stand on its’ own two feet. There is no “bandwagon”, as the BBC put it, its just common sense that you don;t do that, even more so when they are getting payed all that money from out taxes, our wages, the money we earn and pay the BBC – so in effect, as well paying for wars, I am also paying Ross to talk utter crap, insult people and get away with it at no loss, in relative terms – I think it is the Director General who should be sacked, Ross, Brand (Well, Brands’ gone, to the states, thank God for that…)

  11. John,
    I agree they did something terrible and that they should be punished. Sachs is an elderly person and should not have been put in that position.

    What are your thoughts on his precious granddaughter taking to press what a horrible lover Brand was? Isn’t she just feeding fuel to the fire?

    I highly doubt that Ross is afraid of the money he will lose. He is so popular I am very sure another station will scoop him up real fast and for more money.

  12. jack Says:

    This was a pre-recorded radio show. The infantile (but very funny) comments should have been edited out. The producer is the only person who should have been sacked because they did not do thier job. Thats it. Ross and Brand are great entertainers and it is our loss.

  13. JadeyB Says:

    I really think that this has been completely blown out of proportion. Brand and Ross were being stupid in their actions, maybe not thinking about that the consequences would be, but the fact that hardly anyone complained about this until the times made such a big deal about it just shows how people are so ready to jump on a bandwagon and find a new villian in the media. Kerry katona has had her head down for a while and its been a while since britney and amy winehouse have been up to no good. Its all rather pathetic.
    Russell Brand is a comedian, everything he does is done in a way that requires a response from the audience, and I am sure that there were some out there who were quite happy to be listening to the bbc programme whilst all this was going on. Its ridiculous that Brand has had to leave the country because of the backlash and that Ross is being made out as a villian because he isn’t. he’s been taken off of the radio and tv, an action that simply punishes his audiences rather than himself. And the fact that his timeslot this evening was simply filled with an the awful film that is speed is just disgusting. We have been punished for actions that should have been controlled by someone wearing a suit within the bbc, obviously they will not be getting their noses dirty over this afterall.

  14. JadeyB Says:

    I’m also gonna add that if the bbc do decide to let johnathon ross go, audiences will simply go with him. It will be the bbc’s problem then. The same can be said about russell brand, he’s already got another series on channel four that is doing well because of everything that is occuring now.

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