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T.I. on Tyra Banks October 28, 2008

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Hip hop artist T.I. was on “The Tyra Banks” show today to promote his latest cd, Paper Trail.  Yeah, Tyra is all about T.I.!

He chats about having to go to jail, having threats on his life, his best friend dying, and what T.I. is afraid of.

In part 2 he chats about why he is known as the “rubberband man,” how he memorizes his lyrics, beef with Ludacris, and wanting to work with Dr. Dre.

In part 3 he chats about how old he was when he lost his virginity, (omg at age 11!!!), when was the last time he cried, the best compliment he ever received, and who the last celebrity he made out with was!


4 Responses to “T.I. on Tyra Banks”

  1. I want to make out with t.i. Says:


  2. kiya Says:

    hey er body omg i just wanna f*** T.i sooo bad omg he is soooooooo fine n i love the way he talks omg omg omg

  3. saron Says:

    he truly is the most beautiful person inside and out, i wish everyone could see that.
    in love with him.

  4. mercedes Says:

    i just wanna say i love t.i to the fullest.! i’ve followed him since rubberband man. i was only 12 years old at the time. 6 years later im still one of his biggest fans.! keep doing your thing, stay strong.

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