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Colin Farrell: Hot or not? October 28, 2008

Colin Farrell was spotted today at the photocall for his latest flick, “Pride & Glory” at Rome’s Film Festival.   I definitely do not like him with the long hair!  Check out the close-up’s to see the nice hint of gray coming in which I like, it’s more the length I don’t think looks good on him.

Also, the outfit is not so bad but why those boots?  They look like a pair of ragged old Doc Martens that need to be put to sleep!  I realize he was going for the whole “Johnny Depp” look but I am not sure he achieved it.


5 Responses to “Colin Farrell: Hot or not?”

  1. youcouldbelievethis Says:

    Sorry can’t see past his sexiness to assess the outfit.

  2. Cait Says:

    HOT. It’s not his looks. You have to see his looks with him talking and moving around in his own skin. He exudes confidence, humor, the wonderful accent and he is a flirt. More importantly, I think he does what he wants he doesn’t conform to what everyone else thinks is cool. He’s a mans man, a retro man …. reminds me of a Robert Mitchum type!!!!

  3. doulangel Says:

    how can you even ask that question!? i agree, he could wear bear skin and still look sexy! and that grey is like an added bonus….

  4. asma Says:

    hey , i love Colin and yeah whatever he wears somehow he still look hot ,, just look at his eyes OMG i don’t care about waht he’s wearing mmmmmmmwah baby

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