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Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince Teaser!!! October 26, 2008

OMG check out the latest teaser to be released for Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince!  Why did you delay the release WB???

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4 Responses to “Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince Teaser!!!”

  1. I just heard that the release was pushed back because of all the attention he was getting from Equus. Something about the HP people not wanting that association to effect the amount of people that go see the film. So if they were to release it after the play had run its course it would not be as fresh in people’s minds. It makes sense from a commercial standpoint, but stinks for the fans.

  2. I read that the exec’s pushed it because they have more sales during big summer openings. Of course it comes down to the almighty dollar!

  3. hermione schwister Says:

    please keep making movies and books. Because I rely like the movies and books. And I rely like Harry potter and Hermione and Ron. And people keep asking for more. And its rely cool.

  4. kayt Says:

    i heard it was pushed back because it was coming out around the same time as twilight and they didnt wanna lose money… again coming down to making money… damn twilight

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