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Daniel Craig on Jonathan Ross! October 25, 2008

Gorgeous Bond star Daniel Craig visited “Friday Night with Jonathan Ross” last night. He is promoting the latest Bond film that is about to hit theaters entitled, “Quantum of Solace.” He chats about his injury, picking new names for the next Bond flick, his 40th birthday party, and what he likes to do when he is not busy being Bond.

Part 2


3 Responses to “Daniel Craig on Jonathan Ross!”

  1. Jacqueline M. Says:

    I love Daniel Craig! He’s so hot and I love hearing him talk. What voice, and definitely the best Bond out there. He’s definitely better than Pierce Brosnan(no offense to Pierce. I like him,too.), in my opinion.

  2. I used to prefer Brosnan. Daniel is definitely a different Bond. I like that he is so shy and simple. Its very endearing.

  3. Rafael Apollo Says:

    What a delight! I love the chemistry between Ross and Daniel-they are a riot together.

    Daniel is all yummy yum yum!

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