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Matt Grants confirms new love! October 23, 2008

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Ok the last time I said that Matt had confirmed a new love, it was a joke!  He had claimed to be dating “Dancing with the Stars” dancer, Cloris Leachman.  But now he does confess he has found love again.

The former Bachelor is dating 39-year-old Sarah Robarts, his British-born public relations representative.

“It’s turned into the best relationship I have ever been in,” Grant tells PEOPLE. “I’m completely in love. She’s extremely beautiful inside and out. She’s one in a million.”

“We connected on every level,” he says. “If she had been on The Bachelor, there would not have been a competition. It would’ve been the shortest season ever.”

My favorite part of the interview is this:

“It’s just so ironic that I came all the way over from England to find love on The Bachelor in America. And in the end, I fall in love with a Brit.”


4 Responses to “Matt Grants confirms new love!”

  1. GLORIA Says:

    The Brit and the Snit…”if she had been on The Bachelor, there would not have been a competition.” Wait a minute Matt. The Bachelor is for young adults, not middle aged divorcee with two children.

  2. fraser Says:

    I agree with Gloria, and as Sarah’ s current husband. She is not divorced but it is remarkable that that this unemployed adulterous one minute wonder actor is living in my house playing Daddy whilst unable to support himself, never mind the older woman! They are well suited in their mutually delusional Hollywood aspirations!

  3. Are you really her husband?

  4. Carole Says:

    That really is her husband. Pretty telltale about her, don’t you think. She done him way wrong and her husband before that!

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