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Mariah Carey in new movie? October 23, 2008

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After “Glitter” I would have given up!  But Mariah Carey got back on the horse and is now starring in a new movie entitled, “Tennessee.”


Carter (Rothenberg) and his younger brother Ellis (Peck) embark on a journey from New Mexico to Tennessee to find their estranged father-a trip which might hold Ellis’s life in the balance. Along the way they meet Krystal (Mariah Carey), an aspiring singer who joins them on their journey. (Imdb)

Release Date:  December 2008


Is this destined to be another Mariah-flop?  Chime in and let me know your thoughts!


One Response to “Mariah Carey in new movie?”

  1. doulangel Says:

    ugh. i just don’t like her at all. i loved old school mariah sound, but her personality leaves much to be desired. wouldn’t go see her in a flick if someone paid me.

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