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Help me raise money for Peaches Geldof! October 23, 2008

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I wish Peaches Geldof’s daddy would pay some attention to her!  She really requires a lot of it. If you don’t believe me, check out this outfit she wore last night to the Hugo Boss party.

Did daddy cut her off? If so I’m willing to donate to get this outfit off the streets!


4 Responses to “Help me raise money for Peaches Geldof!”

  1. doulangel Says:

    i’m sorry, who is she??

  2. lovelydisco Says:

    I HATE Peaches Geldof. I hate rich kids who are apparently ‘famous in their own right’ because their parents are famous.

  3. I agree with you lovelydisco. They should have to earn the fame so then maybe they would handle themselves better.

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