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What is wrong with this outfit? October 19, 2008

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Maybe I shoud ask, is there anything right with this outfit?  Sorry Patricia Arquette, I love ya but this outfit is all wrong!!!

1. The purse is soooooooo ugly!

2. You don’t wear open toe shoes with stockings!

3. The grey shirt your wearing is about to pop!  You can’t even get the top button closed!

4. The ring is ugly too!

Please fire your stylist!


7 Responses to “What is wrong with this outfit?”

  1. oh no no no. That bag ruins it. Plus if you are top heavy you shouldn’t accentuate it with a big bow and a button that wont do up. She should have worn opaques if she was gonna do open toes….

  2. doulangel Says:

    i was gonna say the obama sign…..just kidding!!

  3. Yeah I am top heavy and I have made the same mistake before. I got this really cute shirt but it had this fluttery thing around the neck. I bought it anyways and when I saw the pictures I looked like by boobs were even bigger!

  4. Jonathan Says:

    I am saying the Obama sign!

  5. Skyfish Says:

    Ha ha. Horror 🙂

  6. ImanAmerican Says:

    There are several things wrong with this picture, and none of them have anything to do with her clothes.

    First of all, the worst is the Obama sign.

    Secondly, the fact that such a beautiful, intelligent person could be so dumb as to stand up and admit that she supports such an idiot for the highest public office in our country.


    That just breaks my heart, Patricia. Even more than any clothes you could wear.
    (But that too tight top is pretty sad. Time to let it go, sweetheart.)

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