Accidental Sexiness


George Hamilton on The View October 17, 2008

Oldie but goody George Hamilton was on “The View” this week to chat about his new memoir entitled, “Don’t mind if I do.” He chats about tanning, “Dancing with the Stars,” having an affair with his step-mother (omg), and his new book.


3 Responses to “George Hamilton on The View”

  1. BigJ Says:

    Was ol’ GH ever actually white??? He kind of blends in to the color of the set on this show. Not good.

  2. ha ha ha yes he does blend into the background!

  3. Cait Says:

    hmmmm, I wonder if he uses canthraxin… his tan is just way too beautiful. Sorry, but I love a tan — even if it’s out of a bottle or in a pill : )

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