Accidental Sexiness


Prince William parties with Christina Aguilera and Paris Hilton! October 16, 2008

Kate Middleton must be pissed! I would be. These recently released pictures by “The London Mirror,”
show Prince William working the rounds last night in the VIP room at Whisky Mist in London’s Mayfair with Christina Aguilera and Paris Hilton!

Not so much because of Christina, she was there with her hubby Jordan Bratman, but because of Paris!  Yeah, I’m sure she’d give up everything to be Queen!  Apparently, they usherd Paris to Christina’s table but she was not having it.  So the charming Prince had Paris moved over to his table.  How chivalrous!

Paris tried her flirty best to get Prince William to notice her.  She applied some lip gloss and asked, “Does this look OK?”

After the Prince left, he made sure Paris made it out safely.   Where was Benji during all this?



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