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Don Cheadle replaces Terrance Howard in Iron Man sequel October 14, 2008

I like you Don Cheadle but I already love another………in the role of Jim Rhodes in Iron Man!  His name is Terrance Howard.  Why oh why do studios do this?  Obvisouly its because of money but why not pay an actor what he is worth?

I heard they didn’t want to pay Jon Favreau what he deserved at first either!  Iron Man 2 will make everyone a lot of money so don’t get greedy!  Keep the fans happy.  I know I was excited when Terrance told Stark, “Next time.”  Seriously my imagination went wild!

Has Robert Downey Jr confirmed he is returning?  If they try to switch him out I’m boycotting.

Sigh…….First Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince gets moved to the summer instead of next month so studios can make more profit even though it pissed off the fans and now this!  Is it too early for a drink?



2 Responses to “Don Cheadle replaces Terrance Howard in Iron Man sequel”

  1. Jonathan Torres Says:

    I think the chemistry between Howard and Downey Jr. was great, although I think Cheadle is an amzing actor, I don’t know that the chemistry would be there.

  2. Jimmy J Says:

    Two great acting talents. That said: I’m not big on going to sequels to start with. And iron Man type movies is not my genre. However, I realized the casting of talent in this movie would make for interesting viewing and the special effects looked great in the trailers so I went. I liked the movie. The only reason I’d go to a sequel is to continue the experience from the first film. Changing a major role is unacceptable and I am boycotting Iron Man 2 I encourage all to join the boycott and sign the petition at

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