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Eva Mendes for Harpers Bazaar! October 12, 2008

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My favorite Cubana and yours, Eva Mendes is Australian Harpers Bazaar’s November 2008 cover girl.  I heard that Eva recently trash talked Jennifer Lopez!  It makes sense to me since I can personally not stand anything that J-Lo stands for.

Eva insists that her career is is “more serious” than that of the fellow Latina.

She says, “I would like to think I will have a more serious career than J.Lo. We may both be of Latin origin but that’s where the comparisons stop. She manages her career like the head of a big corporation, whereas the only thing I care about is becoming the best actress possible.”

I can’t recall one movie that J-Lo was good in.  The only thing I could give her credit for besides being a massive diva and nothing like that “Jenny from the Block” she tries to potray, is for her dancing.  I grew up watching “In Living Color” and she was/always has been a great dancer.

Eva on the other hand……


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