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Watch out Brokaw, Daddy Yankee wants your job! October 10, 2008

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Move over Tom Brokaw and Gwen Ifills, Daddy Yankee is taking over as moderator!  Well in Puerto Rico he did.  The 31-year-old reggaeton star helped moderate a televised debate Thursday among candidates for governor of Puerto Rico, in an effort to encourage young voters to the polls Nov. 4th.

Daddy Yankee read questions submitted through social-networking Web sites such as “Facebook” and “MySpace”, but went off-script at the end of the debate.

He has shown his support for McCain in the American elections because he says, McCain is “a fighter for the Hispanic community.”  I’d love to hear why he feels that way!


11 Responses to “Watch out Brokaw, Daddy Yankee wants your job!”

  1. I am also curious to how McCain is a fighter for the Hispanic community, considering I am a half Cuban woman living and fighting for the health care and equal rights that McCain so often denies women in general.

  2. accidentalsexiness Says:

    Sing it sister! I want to know what both parties offer us Hispanics?! I don’t hear much about that.

  3. franciris Says:

    te amo daddy yakee eres lo maximo eres un papi osea mi vida espero agun dia en mi vida verte en persona y regalarte un besote miooooooooooooooooo

  4. hola lo que quierode sir es q si puedes hacer un concierta en tachira daddyyankee

  5. Jessica Says:

    McCain is a old person in my own opinon………

  6. i think evey one should vote. and i love his muic

  7. arely leal Says:

    daddy yankee eres el mejor cantante de regaetoon eres la maximo nadie te llega eres el mejor te amooo

  8. jenny Says:

    i love daddy yankee he is my baby boy i just love daddy yankee i wish i just give daddy yankee a big kiss.daddy yankee #1 fan soooo you better not b.i.t.c.h

  9. diana Says:

    DADDY YANKE-te amooo eres super el mejor reguetonero el mejor cantante ojala nuelnas a venir a villa hermossa tabasco te kiero ver te amo raymon ayala eres un idolo a seguir Ilove you

  10. hey i love you daddy yankee your cool

  11. jeniffer Says:

    es el mejor lo amo es mi idolo

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