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New York vs. Jennifer Hudson! October 9, 2008

Let me preface this post by saying, I can’t stand Tiffany “New York” Pollard! I got all caught up watching “Flavor of Love” when it first came out and it really was a funny azz show. It was funny to watch “New York” get kicked off and then she tried to come back to win the affections of Flavor Flav.

Yeah because the embarrassment of the first time around wasn’t enough! So to add insult to injury, she got dissed twice by someone who albeit is funny, would never be looked at by these women if he wasn’t on television.

Then we have reality shows like “American Idol” that are totally different and actually show some of the talent in America. One of the most successful, if not the most successful “American Idol” alumni is Jennifer Hudson. Homegirl has moved on to win Academy Awards and roles on major films next to some of the worlds biggest stars! Tiffany “NY” has just made a couple of reality shows, got implants and became the joke everyone was laughing at, not laughing with!

So what do these two women have in common? A man named David Otunga. He was a contestant on “I Love New York 2” but he is currently Jennifer Hudson’s fiance!  Oh yeah, big step up for the Harvard Law School graduate!

Of course “New York” has got to hate on this!

“He’s really loving being Mr. Jennifer Hudson. I think he’s loving the lavish things she brings to his life, he’s seeing the world due to Jennifer’s success,” Tiffany tells In Touch. “[But] can you love this person if they lose all of this tomorrow? She needs to find out. I just hope people are marrying each other for the right reasons.”

She goes on to compare the two to other doomed Hollywood couples:

“It’s a mixed match, it won’t work,” she says. “He’ll be in her shadow like Al Reynolds was to Star Jones, like Stedman Graham is to Oprah.”

She claims her reasoning is due to the fact that Otunga never tried anything on her!

“When we were in Miami together, he didn’t even try anything [on me]!” she says. “Maybe I wasn’t his type, maybe I wasn’t big enough for him.” “His heart is way big.”

My guess would be that you didn’t have enough class!  She even tried to piss off Ms. Hudson…….

“Two weeks ago, I ran into [Jennifer and David] and I didn’t say much,” reveals Tiffany. “I said ‘Goodbye, Punk!’ and she looked at me like ‘What!’ I know his name’s David, but I call him Punk.”

Having a t.v. show does not make you a star sweetie……….


10 Responses to “New York vs. Jennifer Hudson!”

  1. NoName Says:

    This will be good fight. i bet Jennifer Hudson will win this bout.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Not worth dignifying a response other than….hater!

  3. Alicia Says:

    God bless Jennifer in her time of need with all the tragic events that have recently happened in her life. She is much too classy to respond to negative insults from counterparts who have their own issues they need to work on.

    I know her mother is smiling down on her and the entire family for staying together.

    God be with them all!

  4. Anonymous Says:


  5. ALEXIS Says:

    There is no comparison Tiffany has nothing on Jennifer, J is a woman you can not compare a female to a male.

  6. boo boo Says:

    It’s not that you were too small for him. it’s because you were not woman enough, if you know what i mean. so the answer to David being gay is negative. because if he were he would have slept with that man(NEW YORK)

  7. moliat Says:

    New york is ugly as hell she looks just like this gurl I know at school ARLENE cant stand the bitch but Jenifer Hudson is 50 times way better than NEw york and plus she is getting married I feel so happy David Otunga is a lucky man and plus Jenifer Hudson got a sexy ass man that is built with muscle and a sexy face WOW she is lucky!!!! But for new York the bitch can’t even act she might as well do reality shows cause she ain’t never going to make it to hollywood and her breast are fake that shit look disgusting Too!!!!LOL!!!

  8. jasmine Says:

    besides she doesnt know how to take picture and david if you go back to that fake plastic boobs women i will hurt you man and dont do that to jennifer and that girl dont know how to act she act like man/female stripper and if she was on american idol and she was the best i wouldnt care i wouldnt vote for her because she is uglier than an african booty scratcher and a plastic manican put together and if it was a fist fight i think jennifer would win still because jennifer woosh you can tell she look like she got them heavy heavy heavy heavy hands man

  9. smokey Says:

    Jenny is the shit. Fuck plastic man Naw Yuck. Jenny got real talent. Naw Yuck is busted and talentless. She is as fake as those melted coat hangers she got under her busum skin.

  10. norma Says:

    David said it best a while ago. Tiffany is a person who he feel sorry for, and she can not honestly help who she is. He said that she is almost helpless in the mental state. It is ashame when a man brings it to that level, but he is not lying. That whole family is crazy and trashy. David just need to thank his lucky stars she did not pick him. Taffany baby Jennifer is out of your area. Try to pick on someone who is a trash bag like you. SICK O!!!

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