Accidental Sexiness


Flashback: Hugh Laurie October 9, 2008

Hugh Laurie has blown up huge in the U.S. with his hit television show, “House.”  Check out these pictures of Hugh on his wedding day to Jo Green in 1989.


19 Responses to “Flashback: Hugh Laurie”

  1. :// Says:

    Still looks fuck up, but without the beard.

  2. accidentalsexiness Says:

    ha ha ha, I think he looks yuck back then but I actually like how he looks now!

  3. Nancy Says:

    LOVE THEM!!!

  4. doulangel Says:

    lol!! he looks like such a dork!!

  5. […] Here are some wedding photos of Hugh Laurie and his wife Jo Green, taken in 1989. […]

  6. Sara Says:

    The wife is uglier now than ever!

  7. Sheliah Says:

    No Sara, It’s your comment that is ugly! We are all beautiful in our own way. And I assure you that there are things about her in many different ways that her husband finds quite beautiful. When we truly love, there are so many things about the other person that are not to be lived without!

  8. Brittany Says:

    I think what Sara means is that in this day and age of plastic this and altered that; thin, svelte beautiful woman abound etc…I am astonished as well that Hugh would be so “down to earth” as to choose such an “unprimped” kind of girl. Britain must be very different than Hollywood!

  9. Sheliah Says:

    Not quite sure how you have decided you are capable of speaking for Sara – Brittany, is it? But actually, I’m assuming that she meant exactly what she said – exactly how she said it. And therefore needed to maybe have her eyes opened a little bit. Must say that I equally lack sympathy for your…astonishment!

  10. amy Says:

    Dear friends, why is it that a celebrity has to date with beauties, even if there is only artificial beauty. Faked one. I believe that most of the people in the world are not-speccially-beautiful, in fisical terms I mean. But what makes a person is the person(ality)… hence the word person, right?
    She could be the hottest blond, and still be dumm as a door. So, what if she is an enchanting person? More enchanting and human than the both of U? Yeah… that’s a shock, ain’t it?

  11. Amy Says:

    OMG He’s sin ugly in these Picture’s! I guess accidental sexiness is right, because He’s damn sexy now:)!

  12. Tenshy Says:

    He has most definitely aged well…
    Personally I was surprised the first time I saw an image of his wife, I was expecting some hot, long haired chick fine-tuned by a few face-lifts, etc.
    These ppl can’t win…if they’re hot we pick them apart for being fake, if they’re not, we wonder why the heck they don’t do something about it. Ironic isn’t it.
    She’s just normal.

  13. cari Says:

    i think she looks so sweet in that wedding picture, not the plastic type you see nowadays. he obviously finds something beautiful about her. i hope he doesn’t allow fame and the hollywood world break his marriage. those things don’t last, but a woman who stuck by you through 20 years, that’s love.

  14. OBE Says:

    Jo Green is quite attractive, those pictures are quite severe and unflattering.

    And its NONE of anyones business. We know nothing about her.

    If you saw Hugh in that wedding picture and were told he was your blind date, you’d say what a dork he looks like. Well, she didn’t. And Hugh is smart, I imagine she’s quite smart as welel.
    Envy Hugh for having a REAL wife instead of some fake person.

  15. Camii Says:

    I know…he looks hott now…odd…I think it’s the beard xD
    In House, I think he looks best with his leather motorcycle jacket…who cares if he’s hitting 50…and is a fake cripple, Ha

  16. kim Says:

    his wife is a mess…at least he went from dork to hot dork…she went from mess to HOT MESS. how unfortunate.

  17. None Says:

    is that your wife or your Mom?

  18. micaella Says:

    i thinkk that you should watch what you say guys hughs now a world wide sex symbol and his wif ejus tmight think hes adorable adn same for jo green watch what you say ahahaah

  19. nancy Says:

    hugh and jo seens very happy and always laughing. hugh is the next Patrick Mcgooham.

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