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Lil’ Kim can’t sing! October 8, 2008

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Brookland Media is suing Lil Kim for 2.4 million dollars for not delivering all the recordings their contract requires of her.  The lawsuit says Brookland contracted with Lil’ Kim this year and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on recordings, equipment and advance payments.

But as of September she had recorded only a few tracks toward a new album.  A New York judge has temporarily barred the rapper from recording any new material until this lawsuit is resolved.

Brookland Media claims they have spent the following on Lil’ Kim thus far:

They paid Atlantic Records $200,000 to get her out of her previous contract, spent $240,000 to produce eight songs and shelled out $12,000 per month in rent for a pad near Kim’s Alpine, N.J., home.

Lil Kim’s attorney Londell McMillan tells the New York Daily News, “We think they’re wonderful people and we expect to do business with them.  But they did not honor the terms of the agreement.”

Here I thought her biggest problem was her addiction to plastic surgery she seems to have!


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