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Eddie Izzard is awesome! October 7, 2008

Eddie Izzard is one of the funniest men alive!  He was on Graham Norton this weekend along with voice actor Harry Shearer who does loads of voices on “The Simpsons.”

In this first clip Eddie tells Graham that who could play the role of a psychotic quite easily and Harry chats about getting fired due to him saying, “Penis.”  Eddie also casually forgets who he plays in the new Tom Cruise flick, “Valkyrie!”

In this 2nd clip they chat about this website, !!! So funny!

In this 3rd clip they chat about a 14 year old fan who sent in an animation tape made of lego’s for Harry Shearer to watch.  Afterward, they rang the boy for a special surprise!

In the 4th clip they chat about, what else, American Politics!  John McCain vs. Barack Obama, don’t worry they chat about Sarah Palin too!


3 Responses to “Eddie Izzard is awesome!”

  1. Eddie is my man lol. This is a clip of my favorite stand up routine he has done.

  2. accidentalsexiness Says:

    I had not seen that bit. Did you see the lego one they talk about during the interview? It’s hilarious!

  3. Yes, yes. It is great. I saw it on YouTube.

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