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Angie and her brood are on the move! October 4, 2008

Filed under: babies,Celebs,Entertainment,pictures — accidentalsexiness @ 4:26 pm

It must suck to have a bunch of bored babies at home! Mommy Angie takes her bevy of babes to a local art store to stock up on some supplies to keep the kiddies busy. It must be tough having famous parents, constantly being followed and having your photo taken.

I hope the folks at Lee’s Art Shop gave her the supplies for free. They are getting loads of free promotion today courtesy of the Jolie-Pitts!


3 Responses to “Angie and her brood are on the move!”

  1. Uploadmega Says:

    Only Angie can afford to take care of 20kids. If I had money like her I will look after more kids

  2. She dresses them is such blah colors. Is she training them to be mimes or just like avant garde beat nicks?

  3. accidentalsexiness Says:

    Leslie, you are always cracking me up!

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