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Who lost last night on DWTS? October 1, 2008



Poor Kim Kardashian!  She is the latest tragedy on Dancing with the Stars. After her 3rd not so great review she got sent home.

Judge Bruno Tonioli called her performance “colder and more distant than Siberia.”

Her partner Mark Ballas said, “It was a tough day for her and we talked about it, and I imagine it will always be a sad day for her. I just hope that her time on the show was magical for her, and, at the end of the day, I will always be so proud that I was the one holding her hand up there.”

The one that is surprising me the most is Warren Sapp!  He is holding one of the top spots along with Brooke Burke.

Kim was on Jimmy Kimmel last night to talk about her departure.  As soon as I find a working vid i will post for you guys.  The one I posted earlier had no sound, sorry guys!


One Response to “Who lost last night on DWTS?”

  1. Jonathan Torres Says:

    Chris Rock said: “All that ass, and she doesn’t even know how to shake it.”

    I think that sums it up.

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