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Samantha Ronson is a bikini babe? October 1, 2008

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I got so used to seeing Samantha Ronson in those heavy metal tshirts, jeans, and the yucky hat that if she had not been with Lindsay Lohan I would not have guessed it was her!  But seriously, when would she ever not be with La Lohan?

The two bikini babes were spotted vacationing in Mexico yesterday.  What do you think of SamRon’s bikini body?  I don’t need to ask what you think about Lilo’s bod, I’m totally jealous!


2 Responses to “Samantha Ronson is a bikini babe?”

  1. Jonathan Torres Says:

    I’d rather see Mark Ronson in a bikini. She’s still disgusting. Lilo needs to go back to her “Mean Girls” figure, too skinny! She was able to keep her boobage, not very common in weight loss!

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