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Martha Stewart and Ludacris? September 30, 2008

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Yeah, Martha Stewart and Ludacris make some fun origami!  Such a random combination really, but very entertaining!   Luda shows off his origami skillz and shows Martha how its done!

Stick around and listen to Martha’s confession about how much she LOVES rap music.


2 Responses to “Martha Stewart and Ludacris?”

  1. Mikey Bailey Says:

    It was a cool combination, there seem to be some kinda connection. I wonder if they actually went out to lunch after the show like they said they were going to do.

    BTW and FWIW Ludacris didn’t show Martha his origami skills, if he has any, which I’m inclined to believe he does not by the lack of interest he showed in origami. But Ludacris’ chef Tyson did teach Martha how to make the origami box in which the fish was baked.

  2. Jonathan Torres Says:

    I have alot of respect for Luda. He knows when to play it straight and knows when to be ghetto. That and his sense of humor is certainly what has lead to his success. Martha outside of her show is edgy and hysterical. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did have lunch. She always cracks me up on Letterman and Conan.

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