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Janet Jackson falls ill September 30, 2008

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Janet Jackson has been hospitalized in Montreal after falling ill shortly before a concert.  Her representative has released the following statement:

Jackson canceled Monday’s concert after she “got suddenly ill” during her sound check and had to be rushed to the hospital just before show time.

The statement says Jackson hopes to reschedule the show. No further information was given about her illness.

Could Janet be pregnant with a mini Dupri?  Did she fall ill due to Dupre puking all over her during his birthday celebration?  Or is it possible that Janet finally saw the outfits she was wearing during her tour and was completely freaked out?

Regardless, we hope you get better soon girl!

UPDATE: Janet has been released from Royal Victoria Hospital

According to Rebecca Burns, a spokeswoman for the hospital, the 42-year-old Grammy winner “was discharged after a few hours.

No word yet as to how far along she is in her pregnancy!


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