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Movie Trailer: Seven Pounds September 29, 2008

Check out the new trailer for Will Smith flick entitled, “Seven Pounds.”

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Adnan Ghalib is a pig

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I dislike everything about Adnan Ghalib. Everything from that disgusting landing strip on his face to the way he keeps trying to make money off a celebrity while she was going thru a tough time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no Britney supporter. She was making mistakes and she picked a total douche to date. So that is not the point.

Douche bag supreme Ghalib is trying again to sell a video he took of Britney wearing nothing more than her crazy pink wig. The alleged tape which is said to be 2 hours long was taped while the vacationed in Mexico.

The scum bucket is saying he will only talk about the tape for the the right price”. He says, “There is such a tape, but I won’t discuss prices for hypothetical inquiries. Unless there is a locked-in deal, I will go no further.”

Go back under the rock you crawled out of Adnan. Oh and shave your face it looks like a vagina!



Jenny McCarthy rox Miami!

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Actress/Autism Activist Jenny McCarthy was in Miami this weekend for the FAO Schwarz boutique at Macy’s in Dadeland Mall.  What is going on here lately?  So many stars keep coming down to Aventura Mall and Dadeland Mall!

She claims to love Miami and she wants to come here to retire with her funnyman boyfriend, Jim Carrey!

”Jim and I have actually been looking at property there [South Beach] a few times,” she says. “You can be damn sure that when we’re ready to retire in about 10 years, we’ll be in Miami.”

Do you know how many people I know that would die if they met Jim Carrey?  We will be happy to have them in town.  She also makes an interesting comparison between Los Angeles and Miami.

`People in L.A. have sexy clothes, but it’s nowhere near as much as Miami. You can definitely shake some s— up. It’s fun, fun shopping. . .I love to just walk around, watching everyone half-naked.”

Let me just say, I was born and raised here, she speaks the truth!


Alyson Hannigan on the Bonnie Hunt Show

This one time at band camp………………..

Yeah I’m immature and can’t ever start a sentence with “This one time” because I automatically say the above stated comment! I blame Alyson Hannigan from “American Pie.” She was on “The Bonnie Hunt Show” last week to chat about her marriage, her trip to Maryland, gardening, show-and-tell and her adorable new puppy Oliver!

Check out Alyson on comedy hit, “How I met your Mother” on CBS Monday’s.