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Heath Ledger’s fortune all for Matilda September 28, 2008

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All this time has passed and I am still so sad anytime I think about the passing of Heath Ledger.  I feel mostly for his daughter Matilda who will grow up without her doting father.

The Ledger family has made sure that at least she will never have to worry about money.  After many closed door meetings Kim Ledger, Heath’s father, who was made executor of his will, gifted the entire amount to Matilda.  Heath’s will was drawn up in 2003, two years before his baby girl was born so all the money had been left to his parents and sisters.

“There is no claim,” Mr Ledger said. “Our family has gifted everything to Matilda.”

Heath’s fortune is estimated at about $20 million dollars and will be put in a trust for Matilda.


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