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Daniel Radcliffe premieres on Broadway! September 26, 2008

Daniel Radcliffe along with his “Harry Potter” co-star Richard Griffiths premiered, Equus for the first time on Broadway. Even though Daniel has performed his part in the show so many times he still gets nervous.

“It was funny because tonight I didn’t expect to be nervous because we’ve done all the previews, we’ve had all the critics here,” Radcliffe said after Thursday’s performance. “I thought, `Oh, we’ll do it tonight, it won’t be so bad.’ But I was terrified before we went out. I was like, `Omigod, this is it.'”

Daniel claims that the “jitters” is what keeps him on stage!

“The jitters should be there ’til the last night of performing — because the jitters are what get you on stage,” he said. “It’s the nerves that make it exciting and vital and make every show different.”

After the show, the cast along with about 400 people attended the official after party held held at a large party room inside a Chelsea Piers building on Manhattan’s west side.

Griffiths, who plays the role Daniel’s psychiatrist in Equus has this to say about him, “He’s growing up so fast — you couldn’t shake a stick at it,” the Tony Award winner said of Radcliffe. “And the quality of his acting is such that it’s taken big strides. And it’s terrific to see. He’s not a kid anymore. He’s a young man and he deserves whatever breaks that brings.”


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