Accidental Sexiness


Dania Ramirez is bringing sexy back! September 26, 2008

With Heroes back, Dania Ramirez is ready to add more sexiness to the life of her character Maya who up until now is mostly known for just being this cry baby with black tears.

Dania admits that even she was frustrated with the way Maya’s character was evolving.

“I know everybody was frustrated… and I can understand that,” the actress told the New York Daily. “Her story line dragged a little bit, even for me. I wanted it to move along as well. People loved the original characters, so it was hard to get introduced after that.”

Expect more sexy love scenes with co-star Sendhil Ramamurthy who plays Dr. Mohinder Suresh.

“They fall for each other, and I’ll give you a clue: It’s in an animalistic way,” she reveals.

Sounds kinky! Catch “Heroes” on Mondays @ NBC


3 Responses to “Dania Ramirez is bringing sexy back!”

  1. Jonathan Torres Says:

    New hotness!

  2. jsal Says:

    silly hot

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