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Paris Hilton vs. Joy Behar September 25, 2008

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Paris Hilton was a guest on “The View” today to promote her latest reality flick for MTV, “My new BFF.” Apparently her and Joy Behar had some words!

The show played the video of Hilton spoofing John McCain and things went downhill after that. Behar said, “Too bad you can’t vote … because you were in the slammer. My friend was in the slammer and couldn’t vote.”

Looking shocked, Hilton shot back, “I can vote.”

“Oh, it was just a misdemeanor?” Behar asked.

“Yes, I drove with a suspended license,” said Hilton.

I can’t wait to see the video, I bet things got really awkward after that comment.  Paris hates talking about her visit to the slammer!


4 Responses to “Paris Hilton vs. Joy Behar”

  1. scenescreen Says:

    Even funnier than the interview is that pic of Paris…looking very focused on her cleavage? Did she drop something down in there? Also, I do not remember her boobs being anywhere near that big before…

  2. accidentalsexiness Says:

    ha ha ha! That picture is not from today’s show. I picked it cuz she looked ashamed! Thats one hell of a wonderbra!

  3. Jonathan Torres Says:

    I’m amazed she hasn’t had them done yet! That might take her up a few notches in my book, but she still needs to eat a few more cheeseburgers before that happens.

  4. The dress seems hardly “View” appropriate. The cut outs in the middle reveal her skin.

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