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Matt Grant confirms new love! September 25, 2008

“The Bachelor’s” Matt Grant was on “The Bonnie Hunt Show” today and he confessed to having a very serious new love interest!  I heard that “Dancing with the Stars” alum Helio Castroneves took her out on a date!  Uh oh!

What a slut!


16 Responses to “Matt Grant confirms new love!”

  1. Jackie Blythe Says:

    I think that Matt the Former Bachelor is making a big mistake by having a new serious new love interest even though he is enagage to Shayne. I would stick with Shayne because he loves her and she loves him

  2. susie Says:

    Matt is a big joke…..get a job or go home and stop acting as if the American public has an interest in you. You look like a doughboy in Goodwill clothes. Your sense of humor is always putting someone down or making fun of them. What ever happened to the English Gentlemen????

  3. debbie Says:

    My oh my, Matt Grant in love again. I hope this time when the romance sours that he takes the high road. Or is it just easier for him to finger point and make derogatory and unkind remarks regarding the one he “loves”. Hope he recognizes this character flaw as a coverup for his own insecurities. Best of luck Matt…there is no business like show business….

  4. james Says:

    “Matt Grant confirms new love.” Matt only loves and promotes himself. He should find ample work in Hollywood doing what he does best, being a douche bag.

  5. artie Says:


  6. rose sharon Says:

    matt’s a player. ooohhhhh cloris you could teach him a thing or two.

  7. accidentalsexiness Says:

    ha ha rose! loved your comment!

  8. Emma Says:

    Let’ see Matt got Cloris, Shayne got Justin….I think Shayne got the better deal.

  9. Jason Says:

    “Matt Grant confirms new love .” Cloris this message is for you…”Beware of Brits bearing gifts.” Even if they pick the gift out but don” pay for it they still want the gift back. Bad Bad Giver!!!!

  10. Bill Says:

    I think they would make a great couple. Cloris and Matt downing pints at the local pub.

  11. ANDY Says:

    “Matt Grant confirms new love.” Global financier who can’t dress, shave, drive, dance , or get a job spells LOSER. Would not want Matt messing with Cloris’s portfolio .

  12. KN Says:

    Such negative and nasty comments based on nothing other than gossip via the web.

  13. ANDY Says:

    Disagree——comments not based on” gossip via the web,” but by Matt’s appearances and conversations via television. Also he does a great job inflating himself at other’s expense via Facebook

  14. accidentalsexiness Says:

    I have not seen his facebook! hmn….
    Link pls!

  15. Lex Says:

    “Don’t Marry a Monkey.” MATT—the D.B.

  16. GLORIA Says:

    MATT HAS BEEN DATING A 39 YR OLD DIVORCED PUBLICIST WITH 2 KIDS FOR THE PAST 4 MONTHS. THAT MAKES HIM NOT ONLY A DOUCHE BAG BUT A LIAR!!!!! I hope Shayne is celebrating being unattached. And I hope ABC never has another international Bachelor. American men treat women honestly. The Cougar and the Cub deserve each other.

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