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Is Donnie Wahlberg messin’ with Aubrey O’Day? September 25, 2008

Is Bad boy from New Kids on the Block, Donnie Wahlberg messing around with Danity Kane’s Aubrey O’Day? asked Aubrey about it and she replied, “No comment!” at Declare Yourself’s “Domino Effect” Hollywood Event at L.A.’s Green Door on Thursday.

“Who started that rumor?” she asked. “He is a gorgeous guy and he is a very dear friend of mine.”

The Boston Herald reported the 24-year-old and Wahlberg, 39, “hooked up” in June.

I hope it isn’t true, this girl gets trashier every time I see her!  Do you guys like them as a couple?


One Response to “Is Donnie Wahlberg messin’ with Aubrey O’Day?”

  1. doulangel Says:

    i read somewhere today that said they weren’t a couple. i don’t even know who she is(!)

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