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Nights in Rodanthe Giveaway! September 24, 2008

Talk shows newest babe Bonnie Hunt wants to give you “Nights in Rodanthe!” Diane Lane and Richard Gere reunite to bring the latest Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook) novel to the big screen this weekend. But you can see them first as they are interviewed by Bonnie tomorrow.

So for all my readers, I offer you a chance to win a “Nights in Rodanthe” Prize Package! Prize pack includes, a Bonnie Hunt tv show T-shirt w/ a matching mug and a copy of the Nicholas Sparks novel!

What do you have to do to win? Guess who has been my favorite guest on “The Bonnie Hunt Show” and post it in the comments section below. Feel free to answer more than once. I will announce the winner on Friday. Good luck!

UPDATE:  I want to thank the great folks at The Bonnie Hunt Show for this great contest.  I had 3 great readers guess who my favorite interview was!  It was Dancing with the Stars Cloris Leachman!

Alas, with one great package I can only give it to one of you.  So i put your names in a basket and shuffled it and picked one person at random.  So congrats to doulangel who is the winner of this great giveaway!

Stay tuned for more great contests!


Johnny Depp = The Mad Hatter!

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It has been confirmed!  Johnny Depp has accepted the role of the Mad Hatter in the upcoming “Alice in Wonderland” movie by Tim Burton.  Depp and Burton have worked together in “Edward Scissorhands,” “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” and “Sweeny Todd.”

Disney formally announced the casting Wednesday at a studio presentation.

The new live-action/CG-animated version of a girl who follows a rabbit and falls into a hole and finds herself in a strange world will be given the Burton touch and packaged for the fans to watch March 5, 2010.



Natalie Portman is back on the market!

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InTouch is revealing exclusively that Natalie Portman and her musician love Devendra Banhart have called it quits!  A source close to Banhart says, “Yes, they have broken up.”

The two met during the shoot of Devendra’s music video, Carmensita where Portman plays Princess Carmensita Saplingita.  What a funny video!

There is no word as to why they broke up but maybe she asked him to cut off some of that hair!


John Krasinski on Craig Ferguson

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Sexy Office star John Krasinski was on The Late late show with Craig Ferguson last night! He chatted about the Emmy’s, cars, his new nephew, and his Marlon Brando impression!


Keanu Super post!

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Hunky Keanu Reeves was seen at The Troubadour Club in West Hollywood last week where he enjoyed a night of live rock music.

The Matrix star was cleared of charges on Monday that claimed he deliberately hit a paparazzi with his car. “There was no evidence of the slightest contact or the slightest touching,” Los Angeles Superior Court judge Elizabeth Grimes said during a court hearing.

“It didn’t happen. Plainly Mr. Reeves intended to drive away. That intent is not lawful,” Grimes said, dismissing most of the lawsuit.

Photographer Alison Silva sued Keanu last year over injuries he said he suffered in a March ’07 incident when Reeves was trying to leave a Los Angeles area clinic in his Porsche.

The judge ruled however that the photographer fell because he tripped on his own feet, adding that Reeves himself appears to have been the victim of an assault when Silva put his hands on the actor’s car.

So to celebrate, check out these hot pictures of Keanu Reeves in Los Angeles!

Click here for more pictures!


Dane Cook on Jimmy Kimmel

Comedian Dane Cook was on Jimmy Kimmel last night to promote his new movie with Kate Hudson named, “My Best Friends Girl.”  He talks about loving meth, hecklers, and Dane Cook Day.


Rihanna on GMTV

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Barbados babe, and Chris Brown’s “whatever” was on this GMTV this morning in the UK. She is there promoting her latest album, “Distrubia.” She confesses she never gets tired of “Umbrella”, she confirms/denies rumors that are floating around about her, she gives diet tips, and Chris Brown is not mentioned once during the whole interview!