Accidental Sexiness


Zooey Deschanel does Nylon! September 20, 2008

Zooey Deschannel is Nylon Magazine’s October 2008 covergirl! Nylon is calling Zooey “the ultimate it girl.” She has a successful acting career and is currently working on her music career. She is 1/2 of musical group, She & Him.  The band released their debut album entitled, “Volume 1” earlier this year.

She says, “It’s such an amazing feeling to look out [at the audience] and see all these people singing along to my melodies. Now that I’ve experienced what its like to stand up there, I just can’t imagine wanting to do anything else.”

Zooey is a strong supporter of Presidential nominee Barack Obama.  She performed during the Democratic National Convention in Denver.  She says, “I don’t feel very good about the last eight years, I feel like we’re in a place where we really need — there’s a lot of damage that we need to recover from, and we need a very strong and inspirational leader to bring us out of this. It’s pretty grim.”

She & Him will go on tour starting November 1st in Los Angeles.


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