Accidental Sexiness


Who wants more Sex and the City? September 19, 2008

Last night, New York was graced once again by the wonderful people who created, starred, and loved Sex and the City. They were celebrating the premiere launch of the extended cut DVD!  OMG check out SJP’s shoes!  My birthday is next week, anyone care to send me a pair?

SJP was questioned about whether or not the movie would have a sequel, as it has been rumored lately. Sarah Jessica Parker tells that she and writer Michael Patrick King will “have that conversation sooner rather than later.”

“It’s all about the story. If we can’t tell a story that’s really worthy of an audience, then we won’t do it.

“We’ve been really lucky at this point,” she continued. “We’ve been in people’s good graces for a long time, and we take that very seriously. So that’s the biggest challenge, the story.”

Cynthia Nixon shares what she would like to see happen with Miranda, “I would love to see her and Carrie and Charlotte and Samantha all go off on some wild mad cap adventure somewhere,”

But what does the newly single Samantha Jones have in her future if it’s up to Kim Cattrall?  “The sky is the limit!”  I love Samantha single – she has way too much fun.”

The Extended Cut DVD will be available on September 23rd!


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