Accidental Sexiness


Eagle Eye Premieres! September 17, 2008

All the stars were out in Hollywood last night for the premiere of new flick, “Eagle Eye.”  Shia Labeouf had support from he gorgeous “Transformers” co-star Megan Fox who oozed of sexiness on that red carpet!

Shia re-teams with his “Indiana Jones” director David Caruso for “Eagle Eye” where he plays a man who, along with Monaghan, is forced to act as a pawn for a mysterious woman who seems to know their every move. As they get deeper and deeper into trouble, they must outwit their tormentor before her diabolical plot can be carried out.

Shia mostly spoke about how proud his mom must be. He says, “Mom’s gonna be really…crying tonight.  She cries everytime we do one of these.”

Catch “Eagle Eye” in theaters September 26th.


2 Responses to “Eagle Eye Premieres!”

  1. Jonathan Torres Says:

    They make a cute couple! Then again, she could make a tree branch with a wig look good…

  2. accidentalsexiness Says:

    Here is Megan Fox with a bag of poop, what a lovely couple! yeah you are totally right!

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