Accidental Sexiness


My Best Friends Girl premieres! September 16, 2008

New romantic comedy, “My Best Friends Girl” starring Kate Hudson, Jason Biggs, and Dane Cook premiered last night in Hollywood. Hudson, who is known for her role in romantic comedies has kicked it up a notch with “My Best Friends Girl”, this is her first “R” rated film.

She says, “It’s a first for me because I’ve never been in an R-rated movie.”

“You get to curse a lot more and you get to have a lot more freedom and it feels actually closer to what you really are. Censorship is weird sometimes, it’s definitely confining so this was a lot more freedom.”

Comedian Dane Cook thinks this new flick has all the right things to make this flick a classic! He says, “You want to see two people that have chemistry and it’s always good when there are hurdles that they have to get over. We took a traditional rom-com and flipped it.”

“My Best Friends Girl” opens up in theaters on this Friday.


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