Accidental Sexiness


Bonnie Wright trips into Narnia September 14, 2008

Harry Potter actress Bonnie Wright attended the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards in London yesterday.  The young actress had a difficult time wearing a pair of too large Prada heels and subsequently fell into the arms of Narnia star William Moseley backstage at the awards as she was about to go out and present with fellow HP star Evanna Lynch, who plays Luna Lovegood.

Wright and Lynch presented Moseley with his award for Favorite Male Film Star.


4 Responses to “Bonnie Wright trips into Narnia”

  1. Pi Says:

    Bonnie wright?

  2. ind Says:

    Bonnie Wright, she looks so georgeous. Beautiful and nice looking. Oh, can`t wait to see her in the next movie, but yeach i must wait until next year…

  3. Diana Says:

    Bonnie wright… oh yes her… >:) OH I LOVE HER SO! *tears picture up*

  4. jane austen Says:

    WHAT?!? she fell into his ARMS!! like she didn’t just fall into him and like trip or anything! she fell INTO his ARMS!!! like ahhhhhhhh! r u kidding?!?!

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