Accidental Sexiness


Adriana Lima gets Ugly! September 11, 2008

Yeah as if its at all possible for Supermodel Adriana Lima to ever look ugly!  That chick is hot!

Adriana was filming a scene for her cameo appearance on ABC’s hit show, “Ugly Betty” yesterday in Central Park.  This is her first appearance in television, her rep Liza Anderson says, “Adriana has always been a huge fan of Ugly Betty and is thrilled for the opportunity to make a guest star appearance.”

Lima will be hired to pose on the pages of Mode’s “sizzling hot issue” and will work with Betty Suarez (America Ferrera) on a cover story about the virtues of exotic fruit, including the fictional “tico berry,” which the Vicoria’s Secret model — playing herself — will credit as a booster to her sexy appearance.


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