Accidental Sexiness


Who’s getting a new jewelry line? September 4, 2008

It’s Jamie-Lynn Sigler!

She was spotted on the red carpet last night at the “Entourage” Season 5 premiere wearing these really cute bracelets! They are gold bracelets with ladybug and butterfly charms from the soon-to-be released jewelry line she’s developing with one of her best friends.

“We just started beading these gold bracelets with all different types of gold one day and started playing with different charms, and we thought, Hey, let’s do it,” Sigler said. The line is called C.J. Free, after her friend’s son, and she expects the goods to be available in late fall, although she’s unsure where.

“We’re trying to be really selective,” Sigler tells NY Magazine. “We don’t know if we’re just going to do custom orders or put it in stores. We’re figuring it all out now. But we’ll come out with it and talk about it when we’re ready.”

Check out Jamie-Lynn in a cameo on Entourage playing herself this season!


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