Accidental Sexiness


Are we back in the 90’s? September 4, 2008

I turn on the radio and I hear the New Kids on the Block. I turn on the tv and I see 90210. Now I will open up a magazine or go to the mall and see L.A. Gears?

Yes, I am a product of the 90’s. I am so excited about all these throwback we are getting but L.A. Gears? I got my first pair in 5th grade. They were white with pink accents and ofcourse that special brand name license plate. Well wait no longer, this fall we get these new 2008 edition L.A. Gear’s!

I’m all about the New Kids and I even tried watching 90210! But I am not sure I will go to Amsterdam to collect these new sneakers!



3 Responses to “Are we back in the 90’s?”

  1. doulangel Says:

    no way!! new kids, ghost busters, 90210 and la gears!! what a great year!

  2. Back in the day these were my sneaks!

  3. accidentalsexiness Says:

    Yeah mine too!

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