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Akon punches a girl in the face! September 4, 2008

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During a concert in Guyana, Akon punches a fan in the face! I would be scared to attend one of his shows, he always hits someone. Akon should go on tour with Amy Winehouse and beat up their fans. Naomi Campbell can host it.

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Special VMA preview!

MTV hosted a press conference for the MTV VMA awards at the Paramount lot in Hollwood today.  They wanted to give the press a little taste of what Russell Brand and MTV will bring to the masses.  To start with, a limo pulls up and out comes Christina Aguilera in some extra tell sexy heels promising to perform her new song, “Keeps Getting Better,” which is also the name of a best-of album she’s releasing in November.

“You’re going to get a first look and a first listen at my new image and my new sound,” she said. “The last album, the style and sound was about vintage glam — this one is all about the future.”

Next surprise guest who appeared from a fire escape in the New York backlot, rapper T.I.!  He also confessed he’d be performing a new song from his forthcoming lp, “Paper Trail.”

He says, “The people can expect action-packed pandemonium from top to bottom,” he said, before turning to Brand and adding, “Those are some impressive pants you’ve got there. Are they denim? I thought they were spray-on aerosol.”

Russie also broke the news that Kanye West would be getting over his strike against the VMA’s and will close the show!  Oh one more thing, did I mention that Kid Rock was there and he confirmed he’d be performing……..with Lil Wayne?!

I knew as soon as they hired Russell Brand to host this years awards show that MTV wanted to go with something BIG something fabulous!

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Are you ready for Ghostbusters 3?

Yeah it’s totally the 90’s again!  Dan Aykroyd confirmed to E! Online that the third film is indeed moving ahead, and that he wants Apatow and his buddies involved.

Aykroyd said, “Two sharp young writers in Hollywood are purported to be writing the sequel. It would be the third movie now. If I could get Seth and Judd to be a part of it, that would be a dream. Absolutely.”

What will the storyline be?  Well the old Ghostbusters will hand over their proton packs to the new Ghostbuster’s team.  If Dan Aykroyd has it way it will probably include Seth Rogen, Johan Hill, and McLovin!

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New Kids on the Block on TRL!

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Who’s getting a new jewelry line?

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Are we back in the 90’s?

I turn on the radio and I hear the New Kids on the Block. I turn on the tv and I see 90210. Now I will open up a magazine or go to the mall and see L.A. Gears?

Yes, I am a product of the 90’s. I am so excited about all these throwback we are getting but L.A. Gears? I got my first pair in 5th grade. They were white with pink accents and ofcourse that special brand name license plate. Well wait no longer, this fall we get these new 2008 edition L.A. Gear’s!

I’m all about the New Kids and I even tried watching 90210! But I am not sure I will go to Amsterdam to collect these new sneakers!



Is Kiki taking tips from La Lohan?

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I am not sure if these pictures are old but they show Kirsten Dunst kissing her buddy right on the lips!  In the first shot it looks like she is going in with an open mouth!  Maybe they are “just friends” but maybe not!

You decide!