Accidental Sexiness


Keira Knightley premiers The Duchess! September 3, 2008

The queen of “period pieces” Keira Knightley is premiering her latest film “The Dutchess” in London’s Leicester Square this evening. She walked the red carpet with her boyfriend Rupert Friend.

In this film she plays Georgiana Spencer, an 18th Century noblewoman who embarks on a loveless marriage.   In real life, Princess Diana was the descendant of Knightley character.  Her husband, the fifth Duke of Devonshire had several affairs, including one with his wife’s best friend, and a love triangle developed.

“I think that Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire in herself was an interesting enough character to warrant a film entirely about her and not because there are any similarities with another person.”

The film is receiving good reviews and Keira is happy with the role she played.  She says, “I think she was an incredible woman and the fact that the film’s getting good reviews is obviously really exciting.”

Asked whether she had had reservations about signing up for another period drama, Knightley said: “No, not really.”

“I think you’ve just got to go with the script and whether the character’s interesting,” she told BBC entertainment correspondent Lizo Mzimba.


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