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Johnny Depp denies Riddler rumors September 1, 2008

If I haven’t said how much I love Johnny Depp in the past let me say so now! I had the chance of meeting him on Friday during the “Sheila Witkin Fundraiser ” where he performed with his old rock band “The Kids” and this guy is a total class act. He has to be one of the most humble actors I have ever met. With that being said……..

Johnny Depp did an interview while here in Florida and he denied his role as The Ridler in the next Batman flick.

Host: Hey Johnny, a listener called in earlier said you have to ask about the rumors on the internet of you doing the Riddler.
Depp: Oh yeah I heard about that. Not that I know of.
Host: You’d be a good choice.
Depp: It seems like it’d be a fun gig for a while, yeah.

Here is the interview he did on “The Paul & Young Ron” morning show.


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