Accidental Sexiness


Selma Blair for Elle Korea August 31, 2008

Hellboy’s Selma Blair is the September 2008 covergirl for Elle Magazine Korean Edition. Selma confesses how it was to work with Guillermo Del Toro on the two Hellboy movies.

She explained: “Guillermo’s sets are always incredible. On both ‘Hellboy’s I was blown away when I walked on set. The costumes are so detailed and impressive as well.

“It is so great to be an actor on his movies because the surroundings really help you believe you are in this fantastic world. You’re basically living inside the brain of this brilliant director.”

Selma says she was taught by her sister how to use firearms for the movie.

“I know how to shoot a gun because my sister was a police officer so she taught me how to use one safely, but it is so different when you’re using them in a movie. You have to pretend to be shooting one so you have to mimic the kickback after you fire it. I was so bad at it!”


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